My property land is sold with to others different survey number.

Respected Legal Adviser, I have ancestral property and the property is purchased by my late grand father 40 years back, till now we have not claimed the ownership of the property as we were not aware of particulars of property because of sudden demise of my grand father. Very recently we came to know the existence of the property, but to our dismay the land is sold to people by the land owner next this property using his survey number. When we got the Encumbrance certificate for our survey number, still the property is showing with my grand father name as there no transaction till date. But the same property people are purchased with different survey and living are owing from past few decades. Could you let me know, I am eligible to claim for owner ship of the property. If I proceed with legal battle against all the people living in my land will there be any success rate for my appeal, till now I have not paid any property tax or any other tax to government. Regards, Viswa