Airline Company duped me in the miles program

Hello I used the services of a well known airline company and participated in their miles program. I had gathered close to 1.5 Lakhs worth of Air miles which could be used to buy tickets. However suddenly one day i got a message saying around 1Lakh miles have been used from my account for a travel from Nairobi in Kenya to China. I am not related to this purchase and someone mis used the system to use my Air miles. I informed the company regarding this and also lodged a formal written complaint with them along with necessary documents. It has been almost 10 months but the Airline company has not taken any action. They have locked me from the system and banned me from travelling in their airline. I have not got my lost Air miles and i am also unable to use my unused Air miles. Most importantly i am scared if this travel will be tied to me (since it is connected to my account and passport) and any wrong thing done by the person who purchased the ticket might affect me. I have told the Airline company more than once but they are not resolving my issue. I would like to file a case against this company and get this issue resolved and disconnect me from this ticket that was purchased