Can I take legal action if the terms of contract not fulfilled?

I signed a contract with my employer last year and at the end of the year (end of contract) none of the criteria or terms mentioned by the employer has been fulfilled. I would like to know if I can take legal action against the company and if yes, then on what conditions. The terms mentioned below are the ones included in the contract but haven't been fulfilled :- EPF - The company hasn't even created my account and thus no money has been added to it. ( this is my first job) Medical benefit - The company hasn't provided me with any information regarding a medical policy or a card that I can use in case of medical emergency Life insurance - Again, I have not been provided with any written information regarding a life insurance taken under my name Fitness benefit - It's a fixed amount the company should provide in case I have joined a fitness program (gym). Despite asking about the same I have not been given any information or compensation Performance bonus - This is supposed to be given at the end of the contract but the info regarding the performance review should be given beforehand. I haven't received any information despite inquiring about the same Also, my contract would expire at the end of this month (June 30th, 2016) and yet my salary of May and June haven't been paid