Master Plan is being implemented in my village by central governm

Hi, My village farming site has been chosen by central government for some Research purpose. Master plan has been designed and got approved. They give us few options in selling our land to the central government like sale, exchange and land pooling. I would like to know about, in Master Plan who has to bear the registration stamp cost of land whether for sale, exchange or land pooling. In our village master plan the government officials for exchange of land for land alone, they are asking us to bear half the cost for land exchange registration stamp cost. My question is, Central government deployed the Master plan then why i need to bear half the stamp duty for land exchange. If am i right, which law or acts or rules states that Master plan plotters have to bear the full cost for registration stamp cost whether it is sale, exchange or pooling and not by the farmers who lose their land. In total who is reponsible for master Plan stamp duty is it central government or villager. When master plan is approved, the purchase of land by central government would come under which act? If you give us the answer it will be very useful for my villagers.