Adverse police verification

I have received applied for the passport and in the verification report police has written that i am not residing in the address that i have given in the application, but the fact is i am staying in the same address. He came for the verification taken the signatures and conducted enquiry and given that report to Regional passport office. Got a letter from Regional passport office that i should reach them and produce the correct address proof and explanation. I have met the officials in Regional passport office and explained them that i am staying in the same address and i have shown the address proofs but they are not hearing to my words. Finally they have initiated reverification. This time i proactively met the police who came for verification and asked for the reason and i did not get any response. From his words got the information that even in the re verification i shall get the same status. I went to SP office, passport cell there the police are very rude and they did not given the reason for the status, in turn they are threatening that FIR will be filed against me if the verification report is correct and i shall never get the passport. Please advise me to complete the re verification without any issues.