About resignation

Respected sir/mem, I am working as a collection executive at cholamandalam business and services Ltd. since September 2014. During my tenure I have achieved mid-day appraisal from the company. It is one of the leading NBFC of India. You can visit . www.cholamandalam.com/vehicle-finance. Now I am going to elaborate about the issues I've faced. On the month of 14th Apr I 've issued a receipt of Rs. 18500/- and had deposited on 19th. The reason behind delayed deposition is due to I 've attended the training program of the company at Jagdalpur(CG). And for this reason I should 've give explanation letter to the Area Manager of my Branch. And on evening of the same day I 've said him that I 'll return all the instrument that I 've got at the time of the company. On the next day I had got a call from Mr. Bizi george(RBM). And he asked me about my decision to return all the instrument. I 've replied that I 'll do the same by taking final decision. But on the very next day morning called me again. Then I was not able to lift the call. And then he sent me a text message. That he 'll dodge an fir against me if I 'll not return the instrument. And then he send Mr. Gauri Prasad Panda(BSM ) and Mr. Sree Kumar nair (ABM) to my home. Then i ve talked with Mr. Biz george through Mr. G.P Panda (BSM). And 'll returned him all the instrument such as Mobile, Printer, etc. And from then i ve not got any salary or termination letter from the company. So I need your suggestions for my next action.