Daughter's bad behaviour

One of my sister was married 5 years ago but since 2015 she is at our home because her husband was in an affair and we helped her to solve the matter. But the point is that My sister has anger problem and if she wants her work to be done she does harassment and abuses my parents and get the work done! She use to shout and is not ready to go at her home. When ever her husband doesn't talk to her she makes our day worse by daily fights! I don't know how a girl can abuse her mom and dad and give orders to her mom for every basic need! She is aware of the fact that we are very careful about our respect in colony! My father is just help less We have tried every way to explain her with love and other ways! What should we do? Can we complain against her to police or not? She is around 26 yrs. She always use to abuse my dad and say I'm going to sit on his head for whole life! Sir! If YU CAN FEEL HOW IT FEELS WHEN A MARRIED DAUGHTER IS SITTING AT FATHER'S HOME AND GIVING HEADACHES! ????help us?