Mental Harrasment from Wife & her parents

My Wife came with her parents fought with me & my dad abused us threatened us badly and left my home with all her belongings alongwith gold ornaments I lodged NC complaint against them. Police guided me to visit Mahila takrar nivaran kaksh so i did that i gave them application they called us for counselling for 4-5 times but the problem didnt resolved their Infront of the counsellor she said she didnt want to give divorce nor she is ready to come to stay with me. We have blessed with baby girl she also said that she didnt want any alimony or maintainence from me she said she will take care my daughter as well she is working and earning 7000 pm. I have father aged 63 yrs who is also a patient after i leave home nobody is there to take care of him. Before fighting she gave me ultimetum that either you choose your father or me I was silent on this for this reason she left my home alongwith my baby and came with her parents to fight with us. Please guide me sir how to about this i still want her to come back my home since i have daughter as well i dont want to spoil my daughter's life bcoz of our separation but my wife & her parents are not understanding Can i send her any type of warning letter to her. Regards- Praveen