Mental harrasment

Hi its been just 3 mnths we got married its a love cum arrange marriage my parents did nt accept bt my in laws accepted me and they got both married in arya samaj i have the certificates as well we were very happy fr 1 mnth later on my wife stopped going to job i was the 1 hw was earning and it was little difficult fr me run bcoz i start3d getting pressure frm my in laws saying to pay the loan amt which was taken fr my wife wen she was studying i agreed to it and sme hw took money frm here and there and used to manage after that my wife used to speak to her frnds everytime and used to speak to her mom and dad ignoring me then 1 fine mrning she said that she i pregnant and i was the happiest person we celebrated and called my in law they were nt happy and told me to abort bcoz so later i stopped speaking to them and even they stopped speaking to me bcoz i didnt agree to abort later my wife used to daily fight with me cry and speak to her parents so i ignored and tried to sort it out wat excatly happnd so my wife and me sortrd out and 1 f9 day her mom and all called my wife and told my father in law bp incread he is serious and is admitted in hospital so my wive was crying whole day and we decided that ok i will send my wife and later i will go to see my wife went to her home then her no was switch off i called my in laws they disconnected my call i was nt understandinv wat was happening then i tried contacting every1 on fb all blocked me my wife also and its been 1 mnth i m nt in contact with my wife no msg no call i.dnt knw her no also i went to her home bt they never reacted and closed the door they dnt want to speak to me few days bk i cme to knw that my in laws telling to my frnds that i booze and go home and beat my wife and i also cme to knw that they aborted my child bt they r telling that i only aborted and left her bt i still have the hospital reciept which test we did b4 she leave hyd bt i dnt knw nw wat shud i do plz help me