Employer embossing false ilegation and recovery

Imperial group, Nizamuddin Delhi offer me a welding instructor job in Oct 2013. They send me abroad for 15 days training in manila philippines. Once I return from abroad they posted me Punjab place name was Khanna where imperial group was supposed to open their institute. Since Dec 2013 to April 2014 they are failed to open institute but taken money from all students there for training. They committed to their students that they will directly send to Australia for job after six month of training which was supposed to start on Dec 2013. company paid my salary without taking work from me till April 2014 as their institute was not ready but I was there in Khanna with my family. due to such long delay and their internal problem between imperial and Australia company called ogm pvt Ltd they droped their programme and send me my home town Jamshedpur on forced leave in April 2014. Since May 2014 company stoped my salary I have made several attempt to contact them over phone as well as on mail but they didn't reply to my mail which was subjected mainly on payment and my employment status. On August 2014 I called chairman Mr. Manav Singh and ask him about my employment and salary he said he is not able to give employment any more as they don't have institutions for training people and also he will not pay the salary . After some day I received a mail from HR dept in that mail they have mentioned 10 reason to terminate my employment and asking to pay money for training and loss happened due to my absence. Please help me I am totally helpless.