Harrasment from Husband

Hello, I got maried in 2007, this 10 yrs of marriage i worked 6 yrs and 4 yrs i took break for 2 deliveries. My husband behaves very innocently with others helps his brothers and thier family but won't feel responsible towards my family. he won't take responsiblity of my kids and me. if any thing comes to kids and me .. i am only responsible and if any thing comes to his brothers family he feels responsible and also will become so sad at home thinking about them.I have to give all my salary and he will give to his bros families.since two yrs i was opposing and i am rejecting to give money and all problems started . Now he started mentally harassign me and at the same time threatening my parents also.he is almost behaving like a cyco. if any body comes to home , with his hospitality everyone thinks that he is like great person ...good human being.....and thier parents support him only though it clearly shows that his son is wrong.I am not understanding how to take a step with my two kids.only kids know about him and his behaviour though they are 7 + and 5+ yrs old.and if any body suggests that his way is wrong then he won't talk to them and he will scold them. I am fed up with his behaviour and though we both are workign we didn't planned a single penny to my kids yet.his mind is totally filled with his brothers family and thier responsibilties as her mother fill his mind every hour by calling him if he is not near to him also.I want to make him realise that he should feel responsible to my kids first and my family first and he should not harass me evrytime.