Compansation & claims after loosing of right hand

Hello there, My father was working in a factory & accidentally he lost his right hand while working on machine. The e'er paid for the treatment done in pvt. hospital & now we are looking for esi pension but it will take approx 6 month or more as advised by a doctor at basaidarapur hospital. Now, the point is e'er is saying for the payment towards compensation approx. 2 lac. & also he is saying the he will keep continue my father's job in his company as soon he will get well. at the time of incidence we did not call the police or put fir but the police was called from e'er side. but we are in afraid that there is nothing in written and it's been 2 month almost & my father has not received any compensation. E'er is saying that he will pay in 2-3 days and so on.... Actually the case has been transferred to TISHAJARI court & there has not been judgement till now but we did not file any sue, or case against the e'er. now what shall we do??? we should wait for the judgement? we should believe the e'er? we should make any case or go to police stn.?? and one more thing what shall be the total compensation in this case? my father was working there for 25 years. please help anybody.