Police complain against family member

Recently my wife's brother beaten me due to my ineterfere in conflict between him and his mother. Actually for last some days, he has been continuously torturing his mother for money and property and when i went there just to ask why he was doing.He started beating me. I already file a police complain and police took him to station and kept there for 2 hours and then released him.When he was taken to police station, he took her wife along with him and file a wrong case against me for misconduct with her wife which was absolutely baseless.Due to his attack, i was hurt and got admitted to hospital same day and was there for 3 days. My condition was serious so i was also kept one full day in ICU.I am now discharged from hospital and want that person to teach a lesson.He has no fear of law .He is threatning me and my wife.No one likes him in his society beacsue he always fight with persons. How should i proceed now should i hire a lawyer or go to police station directly to know the update status.