Possesion of gun

Dear sier my father died in 2014 interstate he 2 bb.gun and licence which expired in 2015 but i had a problem i had two stepsister who had come with intention to steal the sale and rest of the documents the only they left was gun licence gave FIR on the missing document we were and some of our documents we were not sure we waited for some month she comng back for claimming. beacuse when we asked she completely refuses it took almost year i did know will they be case or she is for immediately i applied to get trainning. but i was not aware that i need to deposit because i was not selling a , i apllied for trainning in the month of october it took almost a year to finish with the pocedure , i had know documents to take it to to the arms dealer that i been given auhority by my father , so when i asked the dealer he adice to sell it i then gave a letter to the comissioner office in first window and took a receipt i have deposited to the commisoner office with death certificate. should i meet the commisoneer office personally.it has been two months the gun is still in my possesion the inspector refuse deposit