Travel expense to wife to attend court

Dear Sir/Mam, Background - I married some 6 years back but in this 6 years I faced lots of interference from her parent in my family life & due to that my marriage never stabilised. Whenever her parent come to our place they use to fight with us with the intention to separate me from my parents & she use to leave my house with them & stay at her parents house for long periods. two times she stayed there for almost 2 months, one time she stayed for 9 months & this time she is staying there for almost 3 years. Every time me or my parents had to go to her parents place & convince her to return but this time we did not pursued her much to return & she is staying at her parents place for almost 3 years now. Last year she filed a case in Nashik family court under section 9 & a case in JMC under section 12. In that she alleged me & my family with lots of false allegations. I stay in Navi Mumbai & currently not working. I have 3+ year old son who is staying with her. I am Engineer & wife qualification is BCom plus diploma in taxation law. Now I want to file for divorce, my questions are, 1. Which place is economical for me to file divorce? Nashik Or Mumbai as in mumbai I have to file new petition & all new case will start but in Nashik, case in advance stage & I think I have to just attach divorce petition to present case. 2. If I file for divorce in Mumbai, do I need to give her travel expense to attend court? if yes how much? in the situation where I am not earning & she is well qualified. I don't know whether she earns or not. 3. In Nashik wife is just prolonging the case by giving some reasons to courts just to harass me as I have to travel twice a month, Can I claim travel expense to attend court in nashik as I am not earning. Appreciate your response. This will help me to take further decisions.