Mental torture by wife and in laws

Hiii i m a 38 yrs old government servant married from last 13 yrs have 2 kids ten years old son n 3 yrs daughter. my wife with her family members torturing me from the very first day of the marriage. They demand precious gifts on every occasion compel me to pick and drop by car every time she spent 6 -6 months there gives excuses of studies or sickness. initially we lived separate at my work place. in 2010 my father fell ill n we shifted to my father's home there she started insulting my parents refusing take care of them wasting money in many ways as soon as my father retired from the job my parents left for my paternal village . she got feeling of being owner of the house tried to call her family there when I become strict alleged me to domestic violence .gave threats to leave home. in April this year in the presence of my parents she finally executed her drama, left home with her father.after 25 days i requested her to come back as my children's studies were suffering .she refused abused made fun of me saying i m a cruel husband and father as well. her father accused me of violence accused my mother and even married sisters. when i approached her govt officer brother he demanded all my lands should be transferred to my minor son (though i don't own any property everything is of my father) after that my father asked me to leave home to avoid legal complications and allegations. I however managed to bring her back to my work place in a rental house. still drama goes on . i have recordings that her mother and sisters abusing me n my family asking her to demand money for my own kids and come back to their home can i save myself n my kids specially my 3 yrs old daughter who can't live without me .is indian law has any help for males like me?