To vacate own house from brothers

I had purchased a plot in 1993. With the help of bank loan I constructed a house in 1996 and living there. In 1999 my father after retirement wanted to live with me along with my mother and two brothers and two sisters. Sisters got married in the year 2001. One brother got married in 2003. In April 2006 my father exited and my 2nd brother got married in June 2006. Since sept 2006 my 2nd brother's wife is started creating problems . For the sake of my single alone son's future and studies I shifted to a rented premises with my mother and family as my both brothers were not capable to hire house in Feb 2008. After that I was trasfered and leave the town. Since last two years my 2nd brother and his wife are quarreling with my 1st brother and his wife and small children's. My 1st brother leaved the house. My 2nd brother and his wife leaving there since last few days alone and damaging the house by making loss to the house structure. These things came to know me by neighbours Now suggest me the remedy to vacate the my house from my 2nd Brother at the earliest. Now I have plan to sold it and purchase a new house at Indore where my son is studing and we plan to settle there. At present bank loan is running on this house.also mortgage with bank.