TRUCK stolen and I am being harressed as i visited the place.

Good evening. I am a native of Kolkata settled in Siliguri, Darjeeling since 5 years. I have a land in Lohapool Darjeeling, where my wifes uncle resides, through his reference we had bought the land in 2007, so we frequently visit my uncles house and stay for 1-2 days and also visit our land. On 10 June 2016 we had again visited his place and stayed there till 12 th afternoon, after that we returned home to Siliguri by eve. On 14th June a police officer from my uncles phone called me and start enquiring of the purpose of my visit to the place, my profession, my stay in the same place my arrival and departure dates.He informed that a local businessman's tata truck was stolen on 12th night and so he had called me, also asked me to provide my contact number address and told me to help in any matter if required. Also said I had a car which was under police custody . I replied, due to some shortage of cash and the cars tax was failed so I had sold it to a scrap buyer in siliguri, he without scraping it instead sold to another guy and he was engaged in some affairs had abondened the car in Sevoke jungle, from where sevoke police station had recovered the car and had put the car in police station,In a daily newspaper there was a news of police recovery of a stolen car, it was lying there for few years and suddenly one day police had scrapped it or might have done something which i am not aware of. now the policeman regularly calls me, asks for info, visited me in a public place in siliguri, next day again called me and asked me to report at his station in mungpoo to be enquired by the OC. I went , he asked several questions then asked me to leave, again next day the same office called me and asked me to find out the case connection of the car which was lying in police station, I said its your department you can find out, but he is insisting me to go and find out the case history for the said car. Please advise shall i go to the concerned PS to find out the case history or not, what shall I do to avoid this harassment. Thank You Sir.