Property under court attachment

Sir, Purchased property recently with bank loan. Bank released loan amount after satisfied with the encumbrance certificate about loans for past 25 years and based on legal opinion by their panel advocate. Week / Ten days after the Registration is done it it learnt that the said property is under court attachment. The seller sold the property, hiding it. When asked the seller agreed to this and said as per his advocate it is done. The sellers are legal heir of the property. The attachment is because sellers father is surety to someone. Since the surety not paid as a surety/guarantor he has to pay but died. Since the sellers became legal heirs of the property they supposed to pay the bad debts. Now the seller says to clear the bad debts the property is sold. But not informed about the court attachment at any stage . Since I was cheated by the seller, can I file a cheating case against the legal heirs who have signed the Sale Agreement and Sale Deed at the Registration office. The Seller is SIKH and I am a Hindu.