Rectification/Ratification / new registration

Need you help My mother took 1.1/4 qunta land property near kanakapura in the year 1995(when photos were not required for registration) , in 2007 the brokers who got the property for my mother, same fellows sold the property belonging to my mother to another person show another female as my mother, they had informed the buyer that the owner has lost the original paper and showed the duplicate copy to him and done the registration with the photo of that lady and same broker has signed for as witness to that document also. Now after giving a police complaint we were able to find out the person who purchase the land and the brokers agreed to get it sorted. Now they are saying to get the registration done in our name paying all the stamp duty. is this the right way to do. if we agree for registration dont we become a defaulter as well. Cant we go for rectification or ratification deed. Katha, pani is in the new buyers name now, and he is ready to do as we want. How should we proceed, please advice