Company is delaying to give my FNF Amount.

I had joined an IT company at Noida, UP on 01 August 2014 & resigned on 8 Feb 2016. After resignation, I had served the one month notice period as per the term was mentioned in the appointment letter. Moreover, on last of my job i have done all the formalities like no due form, assets handover etc. As per the company rule & HR department, my FNF Amount was supposed to release after 45 days of resignation. After 45 days i.e on 15 April 2016, i had contacted to the HR Department to know my FNF status. instead of getting my FNF status i came to know that my FNF Procedure was not even processed after my resignation. Hr executive forgot to initiate. even he asked me that had i submitted the no dues? when i have shown the scan copy of my no dues forms signed by HR department then he accepted his mistake & assured that after next 45 days i will get the FNF amount. Due to company's silly mistake, it has been extended to next 45 days. Now on 25 June 2016, i have contacted to the same HR guy to get my FNF cheque but still its is process due to lack of fund to the company because company's investor pull backed their investment. It's Been 4 months and still no satisfactory answer from the company regarding my FNF. Please advice, what can i do now? Is there any legal procedure to get my settlement amount.