Incorrect Particulars in Birth Certificate - Can it be corrected?

Dear All, I am from Tamilnadu. My birth was registered in two places during the same year I was born 1984. Unfortunately, both the birth certificate has errors. 1. The first one was registered in Municipality where the hospital was located. During that time my mothers nick name was given instead of her given name. Now when we checked with Municipality office, they said they cannot change my mothers name to her official given name. Instead they said they would put Nick Name (alias) Given Name. But this would pose risk for me in my other documents like passport, etc.. Is there a way to correct this error and get her given name printed in my BC ? 2. The second certificate was registered by Grama Panchayat 3 months after my birth, and the date was incorrect. They put March instead of January. Can I get this date of birth corrected in the records ? Right now i am in a situation where i have two birth certificates, but both of the has errors. I would request your help in getting the BC with correct particulars. Thank You.