Falsely implicated in 323, 307, 504 IPC and witchcraft act.

I was implicated by my relative on above charges with the help of police Relative slipped due to green algae that developed in monsoon, FIR was lodged that I hit her on head with Taanga ( bigger axe ) and thrashed her with stick and also called her dian (witch), all did with intention to murder. Fell unconcious after attack and accused ran away. Injury - simply skin deep cut 3 inches AND after 5 days of incident made additional injury report nasal bone fracture gravious injury Three witness are close relatives in this case Deposition - Informant - repeated the FIR PW1 - Didn't see the accused attacking, only running away PW2 - Heard a loud sound, didn't see accused attacking informant PW3 - Informant was weeping didn't see accused Doctor - Injury 1 simple in nature caused by blunt seapon, can happen due to falling on pointed rock or banging on door, nasal injury was not present and view able on informant, still got nasal injury made my other doctor and submitted it IO - Weapons not collected, Blood sample was not collect able, Blood stained cloth of informant not collected, nasal injury was not present so didn't refer, supervision report not taken for 307 IPC just submitted by discussion with senior After this incident PW1 to PW3 sold by land (owned gift deed land) which I had taken in my defence witness and got the sale deed by PW1 to PW3 exhibited along with gift deed. Please advice what you people make out my provided evidence. Case is pending argument.