Domestic violence n husband left f house after beating

I got married 5yrs ago,they tortured me mentally n physically n deprived me of all the things at home,at last they took out all my things in my absence n shifted it to a rented house.After shifting me 2the house,he became even worst n started threating me,beating me,scolding me n my family much more n he started coming late n many times stopped coming even many many days n now he completely left the house n is staying with his family after beating me but I didnt complain for it bcz i was struggling wid depression n brokenness.Nw hez threatening me dat he will break the lock of the house n throw all ur things out as I m ur husband n I have the right to break d lock.Kindly suggest what to do,also does he have a right to break the lock n take my things or shift it to somewhere else so dat he diesnt have to pay the rent.I am jobless n i left my job bcz of mental harassment when last time 1yr ago they took all my things out in my absence.I have got 2reoorts against him,one my family did when they came to know over the ph that hez beating me,1 complaint when they had taken my things out in my absence n 1complaint his neighbours did when detmy saw him beating me mercilessly but I do not have the copy of neighbours complaint.Also all the time I told police not to take any action.Kindly suggest