Eviction of tenant by landlord illegally and without any reasons

Respected Sir/Madam, On 18-September-2002, I have occupied a house on lease basis through owner’s[male] brother , who is dwelling in the same compound, and who was handling the matters related to the house. according to the oral instructions of the owner, who was alive then. The oral agreement between me and owner's brother were as follows: 1. An amount of Rs.80,000/-(Rupees Eighty thousand only) was to be given as the lease amount 2. No interest for the money paid 3. No rent for the house 4. No limitation on the lease period 5. As soon as the house is vacated the lease amount would be refunded 6. Electricity bill and municipality tap water bill was to be borne by the occupant of the house Accordingly, I have paid a sum of Rs.80,000/-(Rupees Eighty thousand only) to owner's brother on 11-September-2002, in cash. He has confirmed that the amount was handed over to the owner. Now, I’m staying at my daughter’s house in another city since 8th May 2016, for a short period. I’ll be returning to leased house in short time. I have clearly informed owner's brother before leaving for my daughter's place that I’m not vacating the house and returning back after some days as official works related to my wife’s pension formalities, are yet to be attended to. On 1st June 2016, I received a WhatsApp message from owner's brother saying that owner's wife has put a lock on the lock I have put for the house. This was quite embarrassing since I do not have any conflicts with owner's wife. I tried to contact owner on her cell number, for several times. Every time it was ringing and was not answered. Since I’ve not vacated the house, I requested the owner to remove the lock immediately. However, now the situation got complex and since yesterday she's sitting in our house and not ready to leave. All our household items are still there and some important documents as well. Also now the owner is pretending that we've not given her lease amount and accusing me of illegally staying at her house which is not true. What would be the solution to this problem?