Wife adamant moving back to india after divorce notice

Wife abused and threatened by false suicide attempts (show offs) in first 6 months of marriage so that i move away from parents. matter went to her parents and i handed over her to them and asked to teach good sanskars and bring back in few days. but she adamantly told and threaten parents not to send her back as she will wont go unless i go to pick her up. they followed her demand and did not do anything for 2 months, somehow we through mediators sorted the matter and i moved abroad for job aftre that. she again started abusing parents so that i call her abroad, and I had no choice to do so and she came abroad, few months in quarrel and she started asking for baby, to which i denied siting reasons of making relations normal first. she then behaved good and we had a baby after 3 yrs of marriage. soon after that she again started blackmailing, abusing using the baby. she knew that i wont go for divorce now. 2 india trips went in abuses, parent`s harrasment, keeping son away from them, continuous divorce threats to me and my parents though actually she dont want to give. her family also saw her behavior by their eyes, initially accepted that she is totally at fault and they would take strong action to teach her a lesson. but once i came back abroad , they changed sides and started supporting her behavior and ignoring me. trying many times to amicably solve this, i finally gave up and sent divorce notice to her 15 days back. she initially said she wont respond to it and i should not tell this to her parents else she will send such n number of notices to my parents. then after realzing that i have resigned from the job and moving back to india, now says she says she will behave good and solve everything by making relationships normal. but i dont believe her, and its just she is buying time so that i dont move back india. should I file a petition in this case after waiting for 1 month as stated in notice? i have enough evidences of her abuse and her misbehavior with child too when she is not in mood?