Need an advice on property if marriage is dissolved

I am married in 2004.have 2 kids Son(11) daughter (6). My Husband was not working when i was married to him, he not working till today. Instead of repeated attempts He has not taken any responsibility towards me and my kids. I am working for a pvt ltd company to take care of my basic needs. My MIL always asks to get out of the house as she is the owner of it. My FIL earns good and has some properties and investments ( around a crore and half including 3 houses & investments). I want to know can i demand a share in property if i am separated from the family / divorce from my husband. Can i ask for alimony.?? I cannot ask for monthly maintenance of kids as he is not working, if a share in property can be taken will help my kids future. As my demand is not for money I just need 1 house where i can stay and keep my kids safe for their good upbringing. I cannot afford a rented house in my salary with all the other needs of kids. I am mentally harassed. From last 2 yrs they demanded the half amount of my salary monthly. I am unable to save any thing for future. Can you suggest me some thing. This is the smallest part i have written but I just want to know what can be done in the current situation.