I filed 498a and 3&4 DP act case against my husband four days bac

Sir I filed 498a and DP 3&4 act cases against my husband four days back and received Fir copy also and he has come to police station and took time for three to four days and went back still the police didn't remand him and my husband is saying to take one lakh and give divorce to him, and my husband and mother in law have been trying to get rid of me and my husband when he was with me under the guidance of advocate he collected all the evidences against me like whenever we had a fight over phone he recorded and made me to talk whatever he required and recorded them he well understood that if he is doing any act how I would react on that and did the same thing like never respond to my call so that I text him or scold him so that he saved my message in return he used send a false msg that iam with customer or boss where he was not working also and I though filed case on him I called him over phone many times for living together and not to go for divorce is this wrong thing which I did and of all this my husband is trying to prove me a bad character by taking out my call list so in this case how strong my case would be and upto what extent my husband can use althose against me I just asked my husband not to go for divorce if he wants divorce give me some compensation but he is ready to pay only one lakh nor he is ready to live with me and I filed the above mentioned cases please guide am I going in right way