Maintenance Charges for Apartments

Hello, Nice to see this website with useful information. What I understand from a few write-ups in this website is - since the common area is used by all the flat owners irrespective of the dimension of the flat, the maintenance charges should be equally distributed. I have objections to the above argument on the following basis: 1. For any flat there will be a UDS - undivided share. The UDS is not equal to all owners in the apartment. For example, a 2-BHK that measures 1200 sq ft will have around 300 to 350 sq. ft. as the UDS. Whereas, a 3-BHK flat which measures 1350 will have 400 to 450 sq. ft. as the UDS and a duplex flat which measures 2000 square feet will have 600 to 650 sq. ft, as the UDS. Apart from this duplex will have two parking lots. I understand that the UDS is part of the common area. And this common area is maintained by the housekeeping and guarded by the security. It is one of the major expenses that any apartment association spends every month. My questions to this point is - - When the UDS is not same for all flat owners and when the Duplex will have two parking lots, why uniform maintenance cost method should be followed? 2. There might be scenarios that 2-BHK and the 3-BHK flats might be having similar amenities in terms of bath rooms and plumbing points (most of the cases an extra wash basin is provided in 3-BHK). However, the usage is not same. 3-BHK will have an extra room. My questions to this point is - - Whenever power goes Off, DG set will be turned On. Whatever the power consumed by the extra room in the 3-BHK will not be considered as a cost? The burning of fuel is not an expense to the maintenance? - The 3-BHK owner use the common utility such as water to maintain the 3rd bedroom in the flat. Is it not the extra usage of water compared to 2-BHK flat owner? Similarly, the duplex flat will have 1-2 extra rooms compared to 2-BHK and 3-BHK. How justifiable to have equal maintenance fees for 2,3, and Duplex flat owners? 3. Generally, when buying flats many owners consider the maintenance cost. For example, maintenance fees set for the apartments which have swimming pool is different than the ones do not have such amenity. Similarly, an individual's earning capacity determines in purchasing a flat. My questions to this point is - - When people make property buying decisions on maintenance cost, is it not unfair to levy the uniform maintenance cost across the 2,3, and Duplex flats? - When people buy a flat from the builder by agreeing and paying to the slab-wise maintenance for 2,3, and Duplex flat, they enter into the flat. However, why should this rule change when it hands over to the owners association? Someone mentioned that they could not read the terms and conditions he just signed the papers that builder had given. Will this argument has any legal value?