My Father 74 yrs got married to 28 yrs poor lady after my mother.

1. My father 74 yrs old got married to 28 yrs women from a very poor family 6 yrs back , and cheated my mother. 2. He very well planned her entry in our house as a care taker of my mother during her life. 3. My mother was critically sick and was on bed for more then 20 months and during her last 3 months my father brought that lady as a care taker of my mother and played this drama. 4. Soon after my mother death my father started giving important to her, when asked the reason of importance he declared that he got married to her 7 yrs back with a son. 5. We asked our father why did he hide this from us during our mother life , he replied that my mother knows about it, he lied to everyone and cheated everyone saying that she is only care taker. 6. We somehow was silent and did not say anything to our father , as he is alone and he need someone to take care. 7. But later we realise that he started speaking her words and created mess in the house, by blaming us for every small thing and taking her side. 8. We still ignored everything. 9. And finally now he decided to vaccact our primeses , and he took evrryhing of our childhood memories. 10. The house hold things which my mother had made in her life, is taken away by him as a gift to his new wife. 11. Now we realise that its all game plan of both my father and that new wife to kill my mother. 12. What legal action can be taken on both of them for giving such hard time to my mother during her last days. 13. How can i take back our childhood memories from him. 14. He gave us nothing , no property nothing nor he had he burnt it all on that new wife. 15. We are four 2 brother 2 sisters, i am the youngest 40 yrs and my eldest sister is 47 yrs. They all stay in gulf, my father was staying with me in my 4 floor house at second floor and i at 4 floor. I sacrified my life for my parents not going gulf and staying back in india. 16. He have given me and my two sisters unexpected hard time only for that new lady in his life. 17. Its only 8 months now my mom died and he started his games from the secoñd week of my mother death. 18. We dont want to put our father in trouble, let him live his life tye way he want to. But we want all our mother and our childhood memories back from him.