Remedies from DV, Dahej Pratha Case and Maintinance Case By Wife

I got married just before 4 months ago. its was a love cum arrange marriage. but i was not aware of my wife and her mother's intention that they want to adopt my all property. now after marriage my wife started quralling and arguing on each and every thing i did with my parents. she also started shouting and fighting with my mom dad and bro by words. and her parents also do the same with me and my parents. i came to know very late the her mother's character is also not good in society. she is an aggressive lady. the same nature is of my wife. now they are trying to blackmail me by saying the i will sue you on the ground of Dahej Pratha, Domestic Voilance and saying i will take your full salary by Claiming for maintenance. i am a man mainly down to earth and know the value of time and money. she also wants to take my mom dad and bro to jail. at the present time my wife is not with me. she is with her parents at her home. Kindly suggest me the way how to save my self along with my parents.