Name mismatch and correction - Applying Govt Job with new name

Hi Team, In my all education document my name is mentioned as Roopa Chaurasiya where Chaurasiya is my surname. Correct surname spelling is Chaurasia (Without letter 'y') with same phonetic sound. I recently got married and my husband also has correct surname as Chaurasia. Now I would also like to correct my surname as Chaurasia (Without letter 'y'). I am planning to apply for marriage certificate now and currently I am doing professional course and will be looking for Govt. Job. Now if I get changed/corrected my name through affidavit then how new name can be used in Govt. job where still all education document will have same name i.e. with letter 'y' (Roopa Chaurasiya). I am currently doing private job where my name are already corrected as Roopa Chaurasia. I have also got corrected my name in PAN, Aadhaar card & PF i.e. Roopa Chaurasia (Without letter 'y'). My main issue is I want to continue this same costistency in Govt. job if get. How legaly I can use correct spelling of my surname i.e. Chaurasia (Without letter 'y'). Please review and advise in detail. Old Name: Roopa Chaurasiya - All education document has same name New Name: Roopa Chaurasia - (PAN, PF, Aadhaar, Bank a/c, private job has new name) Regards, Roopa Chaurasia [deleted] / [deleted]