Company not settling my F&F

Sir, I resigned from the services of my company on 7th Jan'2016.....infact was asked to resign with an assurance that, my salary and all my field expenses would be cleared with an immediate effect. My resignation was accepted with an immediate effect......but till date they have not paid my salary nor cleared my expenses which amounts to Rs 3lakh . I have even handed over all the company property to them, as was instructed by the company vide mail. I have been repeatedly following up the matter with the HR and the higher officials of the company, but no reply is coming from their side. I have also asked the company to send my salary slips,Form-16, and relieving letter, but nothing seems to make them respond to any of my mails. I am not only on a heavy financial loss, but not getting my salary slips, Form-16, and relieving letter is also troubling me. I simply have no answer why they are doing so, when nothing is due on my part as I have cleared everything. Kindly suggest me two things:- 1.How do I recover my hard earned money.? 2.What should be my next communication o them, so that this time they get a loud and strong message that, they cannot mess around with employees money? Regards, (Annonymous)