Give me justice

Mu name is Sayantan Mookherjee and I used to work as a Senior Business Development Manager handling 20 + team members from India and coordinated and got things done in Manhattan office for a telehealth organization in NYC, US. On 22nd of January 2015, Kolkata, I was returning from office in the office vehicle which crashed against an incoming truck. This resulted a near fatal injury to me which caused pelvic bone dislocation with almost over 100 stitches over my body. This resulted a permanent damage to my sciatic nerve as it was tore apart with a 8 cm gap. The total hospital bills for the first time amounted 3.5 Lakh INR of which the organization paid 2.5 and the remaining they took from us. The horror story begins from here. After couple of months, My left leg just attains 10% of strength and organization starts to say am lying in bed with false premises inspite of being crashed by the office vehicle it self. I used to directly report to the President of the organization who started to abuse me over the phone that why I was not coming to office. Meanwhile, they haven't paid a single penny for my rehabilitation after that. In the month of July 2015, they forced me to resign without prior notice with reason as ridiculous that " my vision with President of the organization doesn't match"! I started to give priority to my health and traveled to AIIMS and got a nerve transplant done. However, I have suffered permanent damages like foot drop, sensory and motor loss. I have gone through tremendous pain and still facing daily. The blood circulation of my left leg has worsened creating vericose pains. I have gone through tremendous psychological trauma . Proof of the pudding is eating: 1. I can furnish all medical documents needed. 2. I can furnish all legal documents like the car which crashed. 3. I can give references from New York office directly who can vouch for my work. 4. Company Name: Sun Knowledge (