Force divorce

My marriage happened in 14Feb,2016,my wife avoided making physical relationship with me & said she needed time to accept me as physical partner,like a gentlemen I thought let her take time,this doesn't mean I stop touching her,I keep on trying,till oral she was OK.Whenever I tried to get more,she avoided.Soon after honeymoon,when normal life started ,she doesn't allow me to touch her& showed no care towards me.Unlike usual behavior of girls being caring of her husband,she showed no interest when I m coming back from office,going out ,movies,etc.she avoided everything.Going through tough times& emotional turmoil,finally told my family that since it was arranged marriage,the girl is not maintaining physical relationship with me and often being insulting in bedroom.We talked about this to their mother and father,both assured that since girl is bratty type ,she needs time to get adjusted.Same thing continued for 1more month,she used to fight with me over small issues,going to parents house frequently.She deliberately started coming late from office so that someone picks up fights.Then she started new game of mentally harrasing me in bedroom that I will never touch you,u can force yourself onto me,u can't get me ,etc.She used to behave differently in one day.Even when I used to get angry with her,she used to make issue of that also while ignoring me totally in bedroom.Due to this,relation got worse & one day while I was making fun of her,she called her mother and said I have gone mad.Due to this,parents scolded her and said the same guy wasn't mad when he waited for you when you asked for time.She responded with answer that she will blame everything on me ie guy.That the guy wasn't capable of doing anything.Fuming over this,parents asked her if you keep saying this,you should leave home.She packed her bags,& focussed on gold and costly suits ,mother stopped her and said this will make things worse,if u r angry go for few days but if u pick all suitcases,the whole locality will look& will be embarrassment for both families.She sat on suitcases and insisting on taking all clothes.Then she kept calling her mother ,brother.nobody came,after some time our aunty who was mediator in marriage came from Srinagar in flight,she directly came to our house and talked with her,she got more arrogant,later her mom came and she keep on abusing me even my mother in law supported her daughter& she keeps on talking rubbish facebook,whatsapp ,irrelevant things.She had lunch,her mother had lunch,tea.They kept on abusing me even when I went to cousin place for lunch.Till 6pm,she laughed and talked and then decided to leave house ,her mother and everyone stopped her but she said atleast allow her to go to mom place for 1day,I hugged her and said everything will be fine,I touched her feet.She said right now can't stay will come tomorrow.we said OK.she hugged everyone,mom dad and told them she will come tomorrow.Next day I was having fracture so were on leave,I called he,she didn't pick up.I thought let her gave some time to feel better.Next day,her father called my father and abused me,my father politely ignored.Next day,my father called her father,he apologizes for last night and said her daughter is younger immature and soon she will understood.We tried to approach her 4times everytime she said she needs time,even her father said go & get girl.But the girl denied to come back citing more time ,obviously their intention was to insult our family as my cousin engagement was about to come,now the situation was they started putting all blame on me,accusing of everything,fighting with us,threatening me for what? If she doesn't want to come ,what can I do? Lastly meeting was held at community level ,earlier the father of girl was saying that we can mutually agreed to move apart but his intentions are different. I want to know what should I do? Can they demand alimony in this case?