Sisters eligibility on property

Thank you for your responses I have updated the required details and posting again I am belongs to Andhrapradesh and (Male) married in 1970 and two sisters (Married 1975); My father purchased some properties in his name and some properties of my uncle (mothers father of his purchased) are now converted to my name in the year of 2005 after their death Conversion happened as below (at that time no registration only name changes in the MRO office and same is reflected in registered office) Properties (is of kind: land and house and open flat) of my father + Uncle(mothers father) ---> to me ----> to my daughters Properties (is of kind: land and house and open flat) of my father + Uncle ---> to my daughter My Father died in 2000. My mother still alive and had some properties from her father (purchased by him) . After my father death, I have registered/converted few of the property (this conversion happened before 2007) which are on my father name to my name, and later to my daughters. And one of my properties transferred directly to my daughter from my father and uncle. Few of the properties still not yet converted to my name till now. Those updating are done in the registered office also EC and Adangal are updated on my daughter’s names. My father done married of both my sisters in 1975 and given some Money as pasupukunkuma (telugu word) along with dowry but didn't took any sign on bond papers. My sisters they are alive now. After that many times they are also benefited with some money from me but we didn't took any bond or sign as a token of money (In this case we can produce the people evidence to the court if required). As the value of the property is increased, now in 2016 they came and asking for sharing on property and saying "I am also be a part of my father property" which is not fair. Now decide yourself which type of property it is and provide your final conclusion (if any specific to Andhrapradesh stae). If any details missed please provide your valuable feedback by assuming both in negative and positive (if yes and if No in both conditions) scenarios Now we are cultivating/occupied since 20 years and still we are in the properties, is my sisters are eligible on sharing of converted (to me/my daughters) properties and not converted (how they are eligible?). I have now mother alive, wife alive and I have one son (not married) and 2 daughters having children (male and female above 18 years and below 18 years) , grand son and grand daughter whether they are also be part of sharing if it is shareable kind of property Can we file any case like "someone is trying to grab/capture our properties and provide us security on all our properties” kind of matter?