Crulety and Desseration

Sir, I got married and stayed with mu husband in the matrimonial house only for 3 months . In the due course I was conceived .My in laws and brothers in laws harassed me for Rs.5 lakhs and also induced the same to my husband when I was un able to meet their demand I was thrown out the Matrimonial house by my husband, father in law and Mother in law and brothers in laws. And there after I along with my parents and relative made many attempt to council and join the Matrimonial house , but my husband, In laws and brothers in laws nerve made any attempt to take me back to matrimonial house . In the mean time my husband filed a divorce case on family, I have attend all the hearing date order by the court . Most of of the during the trail period neither mu husband or his lawyer will be absent. Now during cross examination of witness his lawyer was absent and now the judge says he will pass expart decree. Kindly let me know whether the case will favor me and what is expart decree on whose favor it will go I have said during my cross examination I want join my husband along with my Baby and also pl help me how I can ask the judge to make separate house away from the matrimonial house