Threatened emotional abuse and illness

I have been married since December 2014. my husband has a flat for which he has taken entire loan from bank, no single penny from his parents. my mother-in-law is somewhat abnormal,and as admitted by slip by my father-in-law, she became a complete maniac in her young days, this fact was completely suppressed by my husband and in-laws before marriage. after my marriage, in these 1.5 years, i have been hospitalised twice for incessant loose motion. given the repeated nature of my illness(this problem developed only after marriage), i was forced to think whether my mother-in-law was putting something in my food,but there is no proof to this fact.hence even if this is not the case,then perhaps due to mental adversity, verbal battles continued with my inlaws and husband. in the same colony, i have purchased a flat on loan by around 10 lakhs downpayment from my father and rest loan from bank. owing to the problems between inlaws and me, my husband forced me to leave his house and we shifted to my house. so the current scenario is: 1) flat 1 -> my husband bears the loan, i am not able to stay there, only his parents stay, they have no source of income, hence completely dependent on son,my husband wont say in clear terms that he will not allow to me stay there but since i fell ill twice , i myself cannot bring myself to go and stay with my inlaws again for the fear of my life being threatened again, 2) flat-2--> i bear the loan for it completely, with no support from my husband, all he supports me is buy grocery now and then some food items. we both are working in state govt concern and in the same office. he somewhat lured me into marrying him in a hurry, not giving us enough time to enquire about his background and his parents etc. my parents are both working in govt concern while his parents are illiterate, and when my parents tried to talk to them regarding my repeated illness, they abused and insulted them and me too so much that i was forced to go to my parents house at 12am in the night one day. at another point, my mother in law threw my belongings away from the rooms into the common space. after marriage, my mother in law took many of my gifts and sent them to her own daughter without my knowledge. however, these are petty issues. my main questions are: 1) how can i re-live in my husband's flat without threat for my life, or 2)make him support the loan payment of flat-2 i have vaguely heard about DV act but not very sure about how to put it to my use or at all my problems sum up worth of DV act. please help.