Divorce - for family benfit and future for childran

Hi All Respectable lawyers, I will directly going point , 1. I like my wife,we love each other ,but my financial condition is going worst.i have USA visa,no work permit,before I went USA ,earn money, so we both side for do something for our child ,1 year baby we havemarried in 2 year,i lost lot of money in share markets,health problems .our position is like for suicide 2.i want to go USA and marry American girl and establish my self financial (doing job in USA ,because in USA if you work any job you will get -3000$ every month) ,this marriage is only for getting green card and settlement for some time. My wife also agree with this. 3 my question : I need to take divorce or legal separation or what I need to get for going for second marriage in USA . Points to consider: 4 my Indian marriage is not registered,but we have ration card only ,it is not updated in passport.if I show I am unmarried ,there is chance to get information in Internet or background verification my USA immigration . My email I'd : [deleted] I am looking for good Advocate to solve my issue Looking for valuable reply by law