Ex girlfriend's threatening me

I had a 2.5 years of relationship with a girl I met at gwalior. The relationship, the contact, the approach all was done by the girl. While I still wanted to be jyst friends. Later she started with all the non sense demands like, stop talking to such and such people and all that. Forced me to go to places and to not yo go to places as per her wish. We had many fights and break ups earlier also. Sometimes she used to blackmail me and said talk to me right now or I'll keep cutting myself and things like that continued. We kept trying but it didnt work. Now I have finally come up with the decision that I wont be able to stay happy with her and wont be able to deal with her demands I broke up with her. But now she and her mother is threatening me and my family of charging us on cheating and rape( though it was her who kept asking me to go to her place when nobody was there. And it was her who came on her own will and i have that messages of her saying the same) and also the girl keep threatening me of suicide. And she has attempted that many a times. I and my family is being tortured by she and her family on daily basis. While I have her messages saying that I was wrong but I am still worried if that will help or not. Please help and guide. I am being tortured on daily basis.