Partner cheated me in business

Dear Legal Team, I am a 32 yr old person. I had started a business with a relative of my wife in security Industry. We used to deal in life safety equipment eg. Fire Alarm & Public address system. I started with him 4 yr back at that time we were four partners and all four of us were having equal shares, the commitment was verbal no written deed was filled. After 2 years the 2 partners were removed on account of cheating. Now only me and my partner was left so we sat & had a discussion that we will ?evi?e the fund equally once we will get the payment from projects. After six months when we had received the payment. We had an argument over distribution of funds. Then we went to our charted accountant and finalised to have a new partnership of having 60 : 40 ratio I was supposed to get 40 & my partner who had the signing the authority will get 60% profit. We started again & after a year when we had some fund to be distributed he again refused to handover the same. I only have voice recordings as evidence except for first meeting. Is it possible that I can get my share through legal system. Regards, Sandy