About section 125

HELLO sir I am jignesh patel living in a village name kasor near by anand city my marriage took place before 6 years after 1.5 years my wife started creating problems and at this stage she charged 498A against me after two months of fight it was compromised and she came back home for six months she behaved like an a balanced naari then she started quarrelling with me and giving mental torture and she filed domestic charge sheet on me in police station she went to her mother home after 8months after compromise in court she returned back then for 1.5 years life was running smooth in between we had a baby after my baby born she showed more interest on her mother home and always she was encouraged by her parents to quarrell for no matter one day before nearly before 8 months there was an quarell between me and her she informed this to her mother her mother called police helpline 100 and to arrest me and after that her brother and mother came and picked up her to their home then she filed maintainance case 125 on me the case is going trough I have given my source of income certificate from gram panchayat and my is 6000 per month I have a home on my name which is on lease there is no other property in my name is have given an affidavits and my Lawers has also made RTI but no other property is proved how much would the court decide the maintainance on my wife and my child I have also given an attested copy of the house given in lease and I am paying a rental of rs1500/=month give me suggestion of how to get divorce from her