Make physical realtion on the basis of false promises of marriage

When I am 16 in 12th cls my classmate make physical realtion to me on the baise of that he will marry me after that we have finally take breakup when I am in final year of my garaution he again contact me through my frnd n say sorry of every thing that he done and he again purpose me to a love realtionship after few months he again introduce me with his family in school time he always do this type of thing and said my family also like u and his family members also said all this promise to me in school time and in college time his mother always offer me to come her house with her son or in the absence of his son on that day he get the in Indian army and he and his family always loves me and very carrying to me then again he said my family also want that we get marry they also like u and also committed to you for marriage and he make physical realtion to me for 4 year last month I know that he also make affairs some other girl for one year he cheats me and that girl also when I question him he said I love u not her that realtion was just for time pass and I never repeat this again next after few days he break his promise and then I told his mother all thing also about physical realtionship she promise me that she marry me to his son and next day she refused it her son continously talking to me and force me to make physical realtion with him I refused it and pressursepressures him to marry him he said yes and said u focuse on ur study and do a government job I really marry u after that our I don't trust him and I have planed that I continue chats and calls to him and take the proof that in our past he make me promise to me that he marry me and he make physical realtion on the basis of that he say yes this promise are true and right but now they have no meaning I love u and but now I cant marry u but I never live without u I have a bad habite that I never control my self and when u in the front of me I never control my self but now we have a realtionship of frnd after some day he forced me to give ur hot pics to me I want when I question why now we are frnds he said no ur are my girlfriend my lover every thing plz and he also forced me to call him on my house for physical realtion and his own house also when I refused then he said OK plz meet me out side and then when we meet I again said plz marry me he said no I can't but plz make the physical realtion to me I said no if u don't marry me I can't then he said OK few minutes later he again said I marry u when u get job I promise u plz make physical realtion to me plz he don't know that I have record all this type of thing in my phone recorder that how's he make false promises of marriage and force me on the basis of this promises to me to intimate with him all this msg and recordings on the bases of this proof can I take legal action against him that he never have the intention that he marry me and on that false promise he would fulfil his lust to me and his family also give him support to this type of thing because they also promise me and they always give permission him to that he take me inside in his house his mother sometime give the permission that he take me any were anytime any place and also his relative house her mother sister also give full support to him