Recovery of money.

I was sharing an apartment with three other flatmates in Delhi. We haven't done any legal agreement with our owner. In a matter of six months two of our flatmates decided to leave the flat due to personal reasons. They wanted their security back but our owner refuses to give it back and said that he will only refund it when all of us left the place. Now it's been 8 months and this was our last month. We had adjusted our security with our owner and have given a part of the share to our former flatmates. But since that day they are constantly harassing us to pay the rest of the amount immediately. Previously it was said that the rest amount will be given after two months. Infact we have tried to reason with them but they have been stalking us, creating public nonsense and even threatened us to lodge an FIR with police. We have every intention of returning the money in two months time period for sure but we want to take some action against the way they are behaving with us while we have been talking politely with them. What are the ways to take proper action?