Should Doctor inform abt procedure he will used before operation.

Hello.. I got my 3 months old child circumcised on this 11th June from a MBBS MS surgeon. Till date what i have seen is that dr normally cut the foreskin and bandage the penis, it take normally 3-4 days to heal the area. Normally Stitches are not required but in rare case if bleeding does not stop Dr put either 1 or 2 stitches. This Dr has used surgical procedure and have put 7-8 stitches on the penis of my child, he did not inform us about the stitches either before the circumcision procedure and even after the circumcision procedure. We came to know about the stitches after two day when we went for dressing of our child. The other man who does the dressing in the nursing home told us about the stitches... When we asked the Dr. why he did not informed us before or after the procedure he is saying "Yeh Surgical Procedure Hai.... HAJAM (Hair cutting Barber) ki Khatna Nahi.. Is main stitches lagte hi hai.. woh melt ho jayege.. Again and again he is saying yeh surgical procedure hai.. mere pass kyu liye.. hazam se karwa lete.. Although now my child is doing well the stitches have melted and his health is also looking good... I wanted to know was it the responsibility of the Dr to inform us before the procedure that he will be using this method and will be putting stitches during the circumcision. Is there anything I can do legally in this matter. Please advise. What step should I take next?? Thank you and have a great day. Best Regards,