Against the False dowry case.

Hi Sir, Working in MNC. Am a Muslim and Physically Challenged Person(Polio impacted in both legs, cant walk without sticks and caliber). We (me and Wife alone) living in Bangalore since married. She had tortured me like anything, eg.. Vessels cleaning daily, dress washing in hand..etc. I slept many times without dinner at home. She was not good and caught her red-handed with her friend in my bedroom. Then I realized and told to my family about her activities. My parents living in tamil nadu, I decided to leave at her mother home. I went to Zamaat and reported her activites against me and she was not loyal to marriage. They(Zamaat) told to me to hold for while, they will discuss with there family. She got to know about my activites. I was scared that she might to do something to me if I'm in Bangalore. I decided to give a complaint against her in hometown police stations. After a week, she filed a dowry case against my family including all my brothers, sister and my Bhabi's (7 including me). I was struggled lot from that.. I got depression and unable to concentrate on work as well. Finally the police report was clearly mentioned Its a false report that she had given. I have also got notice of clearance of dowry case. After this she immediately filed a another case for compensation as 50L at her hometown. Am unable to do anything just facing the case. I wont be able travel long as well. We are having 2yr son. I have not at all took single rupee during the marriage. I spent so much to her family.. I am crying all the time.. No support in life as well Please advise me.. Thanks