498a false allegation after filing for divorce

Premise: Married a girl from my city on April 2010. Not a penny was demanded or taken. A very ordinary marriage. Was staying with wife in a flat owned by my father. Parents and brother were staying in their own house very close by. I work in my fathers business. Parents loved my wife dearly and never was there any discord among anyone. Wife is a commerce graduate and has an MBA degree. Was working but quit her job before marriage on her own accord. After marriage, she decided not to work. The marriage remained unconsummated. Wife had some fear or pain or whatever. Took her to doctors. Thought situation will improve with time. Around 2012, wife only told my mother she has these problems. Parents also sought medical help. Told her parents also to take it seriously. They also took her to doctors and many counselling centres. Decided to send her to her parents house on March 2016. Gave them 15 days time to set things right. Told them will file for divorce thereafter. Three weeks later, wife along with 15 of her relatives barged into our house and bashed me up. And even roughed up my 71 year old dad. We filed for divorce on the 20th of this April. On April 24, wife filed a 498a, DP 3 and 4 against the four of us. The police summoned us to the station. All of us presented ourselves. We were treated well and let off. Anyway, we went ahead and took bail. Allegations in FIR: "They had spent Rs. 18 lacs for the wedding. Thereafter we demanded a site and Rs. 5 lacs to run our business. All of us used to pick up fights with her for silly reasons right from the time of marriage. She mentioned that she was staying in the joint family. Demanded gold and silver articles at the time of marriage and thereafter." We have all the reports from all the doctors we visited, clearly stating her non-cooperation in sexual intercourse. She goes around town saying that I did not cooperate in consummating the marriage. In fact, all these years we did not tell even our closest relatives about her condition to protect her dignity. We have thousands of photographs and videos that show that she was really happy in our midst and she has accompanied us everywhere we have gone. Queries: Can we quash the FIR as the allegations are simply false and FIR is evidently filed as a counter blast to our divorce petition Is there any way to speed up this trial in court citing the false case from wife? What more can we do to protect ourselves from these false allegations and extortion tactics?