Money not being returned by Travel agents

Hi, I along with 3 other girls booked a trip to Europe through a online meet up group on 4th March. The owner of this group name is Prashant Shah CEO & FounderTravel with GloBuddies. While confirming for this trip, i paid 60000 to his friend Karthik from Relux Travellers , citing they are partners. We are based out of Pondicherry and relux travellers is based on Pondicherry. 2-3 weeks down there were online posts on this agent fraud nature by people who had also booked across different cities. We reached out to Prashant, as he was the spoc and we contacted him through meet up. This person said, as final decision was yours, and I am just a cordinator, i will check for you process of refund. We were given a form, which we submitted on 24th April and till today no money was received. prashant assured us it will be given, and on pressing further , he said you directly talk to relux. We were given fake dates of payment and later quoted as saying it was not processed due to unavoidable reasons. Now we are given an ambigous form, citing on approval of this, money will be given back in 48 hours. We refused to proceed, as contents are ambiguous. Hence need your advice on how to proceed