I was trapped and need an advice

I applied for a HDFC pre approved personal loan for amount of 74,000. I'm currently residing in Hyderabad. But i do not have any address proofs in hyderabad as my permanent address is in kakinada. The executive who came to collect my proofs for the application of personal loan asked me for a local address proof. I said i have no hyderabad address proofs. The executive asked me to give all the proofs available with me. I gave my AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, PASSPORT, MY OFFICE ID proofs xerox copies to him. The executive asked me if i had any postpaid bill with me. I said i have an year old Tata docomo bill with kakinada address on it. The executive said that he could manage with these and get me a personal loan and asked me to give 3000 rupees upon loan approval. He also mentioned that he would intimate me upon the time of loan approval and i have to submit 2 blank signed cheques to bank and 3000 rupees to him as comission. I agreed to him and he left for that day. The next day he came again to my office and told that he forgot to take my signature on my proofs. I did not took a deep look of my proofs and i signed all the documents and gave it to him. I have not received any call after that from him but some other executives came to my office address for verification and also to my house address in Hyderabad for verification. I thought it is normal. After a couple of days i checked my loan application status and found that it is been rejected. I did not bother much and left that issue. Here the main story starts. On [deleted] an SI (Sub-Inspector) from Secunderabad station came to my office and asked me if i had applied for HDFC loan. I said that i have applied but it is rejected. He told that there is a case registered on me for submitting false address proof (Tata Docomo Bill) for loan application. I said all that has happened but he insisted me to come to station along with him. I was took to station and my mobile was taken by them and they made me to sit in the station till 12.00 in the mid night. They asked me to call my friend and come and i did the same. That night i went home and the police asked me to come to station next day. I went to station next day along with my lawyer. The SI gave us a notice in which it mentioned that an FIR is filed against me with Sections IPC 420 r/w 511, 468, 471. The SI told us to get 2 bonds of value 10,000 in total with 2 surities to get station bail. I got those bonds and 2 surities ready by next day. When i contacted the SI, he told me to come the next day. I went to station along with 2 surities along with 10,000 worth bonds. But after we reached the station, the SI asked my friend to sign an arrest/surrender form. Without knowledge my friend signed it. The SI later in the night at 10.00 pm took me into custody and told that bail cannot be given to me and i had to get bail in court. I was remained in station for that night and next day was presented in court. The judge rejected bail and remanded me for 14 days. I was taken to prison. My lawyer filed another bail petition a week later and bail was granted on a condition that i have to sign in police station on every sunday for 2 months or till charge sheet was prepared. This is my current position. What further step should i take ?