Mental harassment over ancestral property issue

Hi Respected Advocates, My family is going through a very clear yet complex situation over ancestral property related issue. To brief about, being my dad being eldest has got 4 brothers. Being eldest of the family, my father was taking care of the joint family from 32-33 yrs till may 2015. My father got retired from govt clerk service in 2012 November has taken care of all the responsibility and education of all the kids including my uncle's sons and daughters. Whole life whatever he earned, he spent on entire family without even saving any amount for him. Even after retirement, the amount he received post retirement he spent 60%of his settlement amount in clearing family debts as per my uncles request, once he spent all his money, in 2015 my uncles started torturing him stating him what you have done to us, who said you to take care of us, all the things of gratitudeless words. With all this my father has got stroke twice and admitted. Later he demanded for division of property and leading lives as independent families rather than joint family. My uncles suggested to get separated as individual family in March 2016. My father is trying to settle everything and divide the property equally, everything is verbally accepted and about to draft the same on 200/- rupees bond, now my uncles started harassing and abusing him stating as you earn pension we won't give you equal property and all. My dad agreed because to avoid debates and ill consequences of discussing again and again. Now monsoon started and sowing and all completed, now my uncles started torturing him telling that what you want to do you do, we don't care. We need a part in your pension also if you want property to be distributed among all. Being eldest son, i am fed up of this worst situation and every time my uncles start harassing and torturing my father, his health is deteriorating. Please suggest whether I can proceed with mental harressment case and followed by civil case with related to property issues. Ever thanking, MAHESH